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What is Pixel Poetry all about?


Glad you asked! In a nutshell, it's about unifying art, technology, and creative culture in an age where it is becoming a part of everyday life. This film will tell the story and the misunderstandings of that by using videogames as it's main catalyst, while focusing in on those who might not get it and who need a clear explanation of it's many intricacies, quirks, and how we can embrace creative new mediums like it. For an official synopsis of the film, you can go here.


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When is it going to come out?


It is currently available for $5.99 on, and will soon be available on iTunes, cable VOD, Hulu, Netflix, and more.


Who is publishing and distributing the film?


The film is being published independently by Gamestar Arts and the director Richard James Cook(Pixels and Polygons), and distributed by Devolver Digital(Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, Luftrausers). You can find out more about each at the links below.


Gamestar Arts -


Devolver Digital -


Videogames as art? Are we really debating this still?


Surprisingly yes. The topic was brought forward again a few years ago, when the late Roger Ebert famously stated that games could never be art(and less famously rescinding that statement later). Since then, we've seen the likes of Kellee Santiago and others give talks about it, and many new developers defend it in their work. While it has become something of a topic brushed off by many on both sides as not mattering, just as many still find it to be something that is just getting it's bearings in the new age of independent game development and next gen.


What about the violent videogames debate?


Perhaps a topic that has more had it's place in the mainstream is the violent videogames debate. It has long plagued the gaming community almost since it's birth, sparking a firestorm in the early 90's over the trials involving the famous first game of the Mortal Kombat franchise, resulting in the birth of the ESRB, and continuing to be used as a scapegoat subject in several school shootings and violent acts. But is it really to blame? What has gone so misunderstood while we continue to defend this topic? There is much to still be addressed as we move into the modern age of creativity and understanding.


So how will these topics be addressed in the film?


The culture of videogames is beautiful. It has saturated society, and all that's left is to complete that connection. With this film, we welcome those outside of games into the discussion and provide them with an understanding that they may have not yet seen. If anything, this film should be seen as an embracing of creative culture through technology of all types. With both videogames as art and the violent videogames debate being so prevalent even today, it's important to bring those outside of it into the fold and show them how and why videogames have been a part of such a major change from old culture to new. It has a pulse, and we as a community embrace it. We can teach them to embrace it and new forms of art and technology while we move forward, waking up to a new and heightened phase of history.


How does the films narrative play out?


We were fortunate to have 17 amazing interviewees speak on camera for the film. The troubles of solo filmmaking certainly made it difficult to get any more than that(we originally had 26 confirmed). Because of this, we worked with what we had, and created the best narrative we could around these 17 personalities, based in conversation about the many important topics concerning games. There is no narration in this film - just pure discussion, point, and counterpoint. Because of this, we've appropriately deemed it a "discussion piece documentary".


How can I support the film?


There are many ways! The obvious one is to buy the film. Every purchase helps, and we'll continue to put out content based around the film as we can. Your dollars help us keep doing what we do.


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