Pixel Poetry Debuts on Steam at 33% off!
Pixel Poetry is now available on pretty much every platform in the galaxy. We have debuted on Steams new movie streaming service, and at a deep discount of just $4.01! Hurry, offer ends July 1st. Click here to get it now - Pixel Poetry on Steam

Director Richard James Cook at SXSW Gaming!
If any of you are attending SXSW next week, come see director Richard James Cook in the gaming section at the Devolver Digital booth! He'll be around to talk Pixel Poetry with fans of the film. Learn more here - Gaming at SXSW 2015

Pixel Poetry: A PAX South Retrospective
It's been an incredible journey. Hear from the director on his exeperience and big debut panel this past weekend at PAX South - Read It Here!

Pixel Poetry Special Edition is OUT!
Includes the making of featurette, 7 full cast interviews, "Stories from Pixel Poetry" mini vids, audio commentary, 4 large format digital posters, and more! Get it now on GOG.com and DevolverDigital.VHX.tv! - Pixel Poetry on GOG.com
Pixel Poetry on VHX

Director Richard James Cook and others at PAX South!
Pixel Poetry had an amazing panel at PAX South this past weekend with a turnaway crowd of nearly 500! So much love and support from everyone, and we all had a great time. Check out the full panel video and interview with the director Richard James Cook on Redbeard TV here! - PAX South Pixel Poetry Panel

Pixel Poetry: A Post Mortem
The director of Pixel Poetry has written up a not-so-by the book post mortem on his experiences in shooting the film, along with the many emotions and hardships that came along during production. If you have time(it's a long read!), we suggest you check it out here.

A film by Richard Cook

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