Pixel Poetry on Twitch.tv!
As part of Twitch.tv's new Movie Night every Friday, we screened Pixel Poetry free on the official Twitch channel! It was a wonderful experience with Q and A from the director, and a resounding success with 1,075 people watching at one point! Thank you all so much for joining in, and to learn more about Twitch movie night, go here! - Learn more here.

Director Richard James Cook and others at PAX South!
Pixel Poetry will now have a panel at PAX South in San Antonio on Saturday, January 24th at 4:30PM! It will feature the director of the film and other great personalities like Adam Sessler, Patrick Scott Patterson, Chris Wiseman, and more! For those who can't attend, the full panel video will be uploaded after the event. Find out more information here!

Pixel Poetry to screen at GEEK Fest!
Pixel Poetry has been invited to screen at GEEK Fest 2015 in Margate, UK! The screening will happen on Saturday, February 21st. Find out more info here! - Official GEEK Fest Site

Director of Pixel Poetry Richard Cook was on the Sup Holmes?" podcast on Sunday, 9/28 with the awesome Jonathan Holmes from Destructoid.com. Check out the replay over at https://www.youtube.com/SupHolmesShow

Pixel Poetry: A Post Mortem
The director of Pixel Poetry has written up a not-so-by the book post mortem on his experiences in shooting the film, along with the many emotions and hardships that came along during production. If you have time(it's a long read!), we suggest you check it out here.

A film by Richard Cook

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